What Is The World Cup of Darts?

Traditionally darts is an individual event and most professional dart matches are based on the individual performance of each dart player. The Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) created the team-based tournament in 2010. This tournament is unlike any other professional darts tournament since it pits the two best ranked professional dart players from 40 countries to compete on the same stage with the aim to crown the best country dart team.

What is the World Cup of Darts?  The PDC World Cup of Darts is an annual team darts tournament consisting of teams from 40 countries represented by two-player teams, facing off in doubles matches rather than singles like in other tournaments. Each team is comprised of the highest ranked player and second highest ranked professional dart player from the country. The tournament takes place over 4 days and includes various round-robin and knockout matches culminating in quarter-finals, semi-finals, and final match on the fourth day of the competition. The total prize money for the tournament is £450,000 with the winning country team receiving £80,000.

The PDC World Cup of Darts tournament is a unique team based format with special rules. Normally, most of the PDC professional dart players compete against each other. For this one tournament, the top two best dart players from each country will be teammates. Keep reading to find out some of the most interesting parts of this unique and exciting tournament.


How does the World Cup of Darts Work?

Starting in 2023, the PDC World Cup of Darts format was updated to include 40 countries and a new way to group the matches. The tournament starts with a first group stage that consists of 36 countries competing in twelve groups of three with one country qualifying from each group.

The top four ranked countries based on the PDC Order of Merit ranking will enter the second round stage. The second round stage will include 16 countries. The remaining stages will be the quarter-finals, semi-finals, and final match.

The first group stage will consist of the best of seven legs of the game 501. The second round stage, quarter-finals, and semi-finals will consist of the best of 15 legs of 501. The final match will be a best of 19 legs of 501. All games will be played in a single match in a doubles format for the first time ever and will create an exciting twist to an already exciting tournament.

Where is the World Cup of Darts held?

The location of the World Cup of Darts changes each year and has been held in England, Hamburg Germany, Frankfurt Germany, and Salzburg Austria for some of the locations throughout the years. The tournament is also broadcast internationally to millions of viewers.

Past Winners of the World Cup Of Darts?

Certain countries have become powerhouses that frequently dominate the World Cup of Darts. Only four nations have won the World Cup of Darts since 2010 – Netherlands (4 Wins), England (4 Wins), Scotland (2 Wins), Wales, (2 Win), and Australia (1 Win).

How Do You Qualify for the World Cup of Darts?

The PDC World Cup of Darts brings together 40 nations from around the globe to compete. But how does a country actually qualify for a spot in the tournament?

Here is the qualification process:

  • The 40 spots are allocated based on the official PDC Order of Merit rankings as they stand 6 months prior to the World Cup of Darts.
  • The top 8 nations by rankings automatically qualify their two-player teams. These are usually dart powerhouses like England, Netherlands, Wales and Scotland.
  • The next 16 nations also make the World Cup based on the Order of Merit rankings. Countries in this tier range from Australia and Belgium to Russia and South Africa.
  • The remaining 16 spots go to international qualifiers held at PDC events like the US Darts Masters and German Darts Masters. Winners here can earn a World Cup place for countries like USA, Canada, Spain, Finland, and more.
  • If a country declines its spot, the next eligible nation in the rankings takes its place.

This system ensures the PDC World Cup of Darts draws the absolute best talent from around the planet! The world rankings create opportunities for both dart powerhouses and rising nations.