Hi! I’m Matt and welcome to Darts Library.  I’ve been playing darts for over 10 years, and I love everything about darts, from researching and buying darts gear to watching professional darts on TV.  On this website, I share all the things I learn about the game of darts and becoming a better darts player.

My Current Dartboard Setup And Darts Gear

My current dartboard is located in my garage and is mounted on a plasterboard wall. I have a Winmau Blade 4 Dual Core dartboard with a Unicorn Eclipse HD2 Pro metal number ring. For wall protection, I’m using a Winmau dartboard surround. I recently picked up a Target Corona Vision LED dartboard surround light. Adding this light to my dartboard setup has been one of the biggest game changers for me and has made the game more enjoyable.

My current dart set of choice at the moment is the Unicorn Phase 1 Purist Tungsten 24gm (Barrel weight only). I’m using Fit Flight Hybrid spinning medium shafts. For flights, I’m using the Fit Rocket flights.

Here is a list of my darts gear with links to the specific items I’m currently playing with:

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