25 Reasons You Should Play Darts Right Now

If you ever needed a reason to start playing darts right now, here is a list of 25 things that should convince you to go out and purchase a dartboard and dart set today or stop by your neighborhood pub or bar! 

DartsLibrary.com - 25 Reasons to Play Darts Right Now

1. Playing darts is FUN!

It’s hard not to have fun playing a game of darts.  Even playing by yourself is fun.  Heck, watching darts can be fun and exhilarating.  Look how much fun all those people dressing up to attend a premier league professional match are having.  Throwing a little spear at a target is extremely satisfying.  Add in a few friends and spirited competition and you can have a grand ole time.

2. There are a ton of different types of darts games to play

Just off the top of my head, I can think of at least 20 different games you can play of darts.  You and your friends can come up with your own type of game as well.  Darts have been around for a long time and as such many different types of games have been created.  If you watch professional darts you typically only see them playing one type of game – 501.  Some dart players have a tough time with the mental math skill required to play 501.  There are numerous dart games that do not require much math or any math at all, for instance, Knockout or Around the Clock (Sometimes called Around the World).  You are guaranteed to find a dart game that suits your playing style and that you enjoy.

3. Darts is a social activity

Darts is best played with others.  There is something about the game that attracts people to want to play with you.  It’s a good way to invite friends over or something you can do with your colleagues at a pub after work.  If you are ever in a pub and want some attention, start playing darts.  There are also a ton of amateur darts leagues you can join.  Playing darts with others naturally brings competition to it.  Watching professional darts with others is a primary pastime in most parts of the world.

4. You can drink alcohol while you play darts

Darts is a funny sport in that it is generally encouraged to consume your favorite beer while playing a round of darts.  The most popular place to play darts is in a pub or bar throughout the world.  Professional darts players typically indulged while playing a round on TV not too long ago.  All of the local darts leagues in my neck of the woods hold all of their matches at pubs and bars in the surrounding area.  Everyone has a friend that says they play better after a pint of Guinness or the like.  Just be careful consuming too much as darts can hurt.  Ouch!

5. Anyone can play Darts

Literally, anyone can play the game of darts.  Young or old.  Fit or Flabby.  Rich or Poor.  Posh or Dodgy.  Noob or a Pro.  Standing or Sitting.  You can play in a team or by yourself.  If you have some way of throwing a dart you can play.

6. Disabled people can play Darts

There is a whole world devoted to making the game of darts more accessible to disabled people.  There is actually a World Disability Darts Association (WDDA) with its own world championship tournament.  There are even official setups for dart players in wheelchairs so that they can play on the same stage as able body players.  It involves lowering the height of the dart board slightly.

7. Darts is easy to get started playing

You only need two things to get started playing darts – A dartboard and a dart set with three darts.  If you want to play with the official rules of darts, you will need a measuring tape to mount the dartboard at the correct height and to designate how far away you have to throw the darts from called the throw line or better known as the Oche.

8. Darts is a relatively inexpensive hobby

For not much more than $30 dollars you can get a starter dartboard and for $25 dollars you can get a starter dart set.  For under $60 all-in you can enjoy the game of darts.  Now be careful, once you start playing you will want to upgrade your dartboard and selection of darts and before you know it you dropped a couple of hundred dollars!

9. The game of darts can be challenging

On the surface, the game of darts appears easy, almost deceptively easy, but in reality, it is hard to be good at the game of darts.  Darts do not take much physical ability to play and you are not required to be an athlete.  To throw darts with precision takes hours of practice and confidence in your ability and particular dart setup.  The game of darts can be considered a great equalizer.  Playing golf is a good comparison.  Playing games that are not challenging almost 100 percent of the time becomes not fun and drag.  That is why the game of darts is so much fun.  It is challenging and because of this the game naturally makes you want to get better.

10. You can watch darts on TV

What is more exciting than watching your favorite game that you are able to play on TV.  One of the biggest benefits other than enjoying the spectacle, is that you can pick up some tips by watching how the pros play.  The Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) holds televised matches throughout the year and for most of the world, every match is televised.  In the UK PDC matches are shown on Sky Sports and ITV4.  In Australia, PDC matches can be watched on Fox Sports.  In the USA, you can watch PDC matches on DAZN.  Additionally, you can also stream all PDC events live or watch past matches on PDCTV.  In addition, the PDC has a great YouTube channel and frequently posts dart match highlights and full dart match events.

11. Great darts community both online and in person

Playing darts is fun and can be quite a social event.  Because of this, the game of darts brings together some great people from around the world that enjoy the sport.  This has created some fantastic online communities that are great for beginners and pros alike.  By participating in these online communities you can really level up your dart game.  The two best online dart communities that you must check out are Darts Nutz and The Darts Forum.  You can find tips on how to get better at darts and find out what the best dart setup is for you.

12. Practice really does make a difference

The secret to getting better at playing darts is practice.  Not just any practicing, but strategic deliberate practice can make anyone a skilled dart player.  There are a multitude of practice routines that you can work on.  No matter what you do, make sure you consistently practice the game of darts.  If you are trying to get better at playing the darts game 501, then you can focus on practicing double outs or you might want to focus your practice on landing triple 20s.  In addition, anything you can do to improve your hand-eye coordination will improve your dart game.

13. Don’t need to be physically fit

Being an athlete or physically fit is not a requirement to play the game of darts.  As long as you can swing your arm you can throw a dart.  Look at the body figures of most professional dart players.  There are not too many of them that are skinny.  Most of them are sporting a belly.  There is a long-held theory in many pubs and bars that the bigger the belly, the better the dart player since it can assist you with your balance and dart throwing ability.

14. Darts is good exercise

For anyone that has played darts for their first couple of times will tell you that your throwing arm will be sore the next day.  In addition, you can get in quite a few steps in walking back and forth from the oche (Throwing line) and the dartboard to retrieve your darts each time you throw.  The other hidden health benefit is that the game of darts is great at increasing your mental acuity.  Not only does it improve hand-eye coordination, but it puts your mathematics to work in adding up your score each time your throw.

15. You can play darts with your right hand or left hand

There is no right or wrong way to throw a dart.  You do not need to buy a dart set for a specific hand.  All dart sets are universal for right-handed and left-handed players.  Right-handed dart players can play left-handed dart players and vice versa.  If you want another challenge, play darts with your less dominant hand.  You and your friends are sure to have a hoot of a time.  One of the benefits of darts is that if you break your main throwing arm, you can always play with your other arm!

16. You can play darts at anytime!

Darts doesn’t require power or a specific type of weather to play.  You can play in the morning, in the evening, or on your lunch break.  You can play late at night if you can’t sleep or when you are hosting a party.  The possibilities are endless!

17. You can play darts by yourself

Many people think that you have to have someone else to play darts with, but in reality, you can play darts by yourself and the game will still be just as challenging.  One of my favorite games to play by myself is around the world.

18. You can play darts against others online

If you do not have any friends around you can still darts play against someone else with online darts apps.  The three best apps are Darts Connect, King of Darts, and Score Darts.  These apps not only have a great system to keep track of your score when playing by yourself or with others, but you can play online against another human being or a smart bot.

19. You can easily improve your game

With a few games under your belt, you will find that almost anyone improves playing darts over time.  It’s a sport that requires little natural talent.  The more you practice and play darts the better you will ultimately get.  If you want to dominate your friends or your dart league, you can with consistent practice.

20. There are loads of different dart stuff to buy

Everyone loves buying things and stuff.  Once you have a dart board, the only thing you need to purchase is a dart set.  With dart sets, you can customize the barrel, shaft, and flight.  You can pick and choose the perfect setup for you.  Maybe you want to find the right dart weight.  You can purchase a variety of dart sets in different weights to find out which one works best for you.  Dart sets are very individualized and it is easy to fall victim to the buy lots of different dart sets and dart components hoping to improve your game.

21. You can practically play darts anywhere

You can play indoors when it’s raining or outdoors when the sun is shining.  You can play in a bar/pub or at your friend’s house.  You can play in your garage or in your living room.  As long as you have enough room to throw from and a place to mount the dartboard you are ready to go.  You can mount dartboards on the backs of doors, on walls, on posts, or even on tripods. 

22. Darts has a worldwide following

Darts are enjoyed by people around the world.  Darts are extremely popular in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, and Ireland.  In addition, darts are a popular pastime in Europe, the United States, Australia, Canada, and Japan.

23. Darts is UK’s favorite pastime

Darts is one of the UK’s favorite pastimes.  The UK originally invented the game of darts and help spread it around the world.  Just about every pub in the UK has at least one dartboard.  Every major dart and dartboard manufacturer is headquartered in the UK.  The UK is the hub of all professional dart events and more professional dart players come from the UK than any other country around the globe.

24. Darts is exciting to watch others play

Not only is darts fun to play, but it is also exciting to watch a good darts match.  It is exciting to watch others play well and get close to a perfect game of 501.  I love seeing others throw a 180 in the darts game of 501.  Watch the following Phil Taylor match – You will be on pins and needles watching it.

YouTube video

25. Amateur dart leagues are everywhere

Other than practicing, there is no better way to get better at playing darts than by joining an amateur dart league and competing against other dart players.  Most amateur dart leagues are played in pubs and bars and usually are team-based matches.  You can typically find a dart league by looking at your country’s national dart associate.  In the UK there is the United Kingdom Darts Association and in the US there is the National Darts Association and the American Darters Association.